How To Reuse Old Cds To Create The Most Appealing And Eye-catching Things

How To Reuse Old Cds To Create The Most Appealing And Eye-catching Things

Gone are the days when CDs carried fed data that was more important than our life! Now, we have better alternatives. Besides, online streaming and downloading have thrown shadow on the importance of CDs and DVDs. In other words, the era of CDs has gone to an end. Now, what to do with the dozens of CDs on shelves we collected by roaming far and round in search? Sentimentality will not let you throw in the dustbin, so be happy, you don’t need to do so to free the space dwelled by those old beloved CDs, here are given the most enjoyable and useful ideas to reuse old CDs.

Shining Ball
When you will put the last bit of the CD onto the ball, you will believe how cheering this idea actually is! To deal with this smart, amazing and lovely DIY project just break a CD into tiny bits. Take a white plastic ball and put those bits one by one onto the surface of the ball. Put them closely to hide the full surface of the ball.

Put this inspiring decoration piece in your room and increase its antiqueness.

Let’s make the coasters more colorful and stylish. Rub down the gloss, use hot glue for the base of the disc. Take Mod Podge to use on the other surface as bottom and put in the fabric. If there becomes any crease or wrinkle, straight it. Then, use Mod Podge on the top and leave it to dry, you are done!

Water Pot for Birds
There is another mind blowing way to reuse old CDs, make a water pot to place in your garden that will attract birds. Take any old deep plate and lots of CD bits by breaking it and begin the project. Place all the bits one by one on the plate in a way that the pieces totally cover up the original surface of the plate. Place it on any little DIY stand in your garden and fill with water. Gorgeous and classy!