The Most Interesting And Secretly Grand Projects For Vintage License Plates No One Ever Tell You

Vintage license plates are valuable for your vehicle, and when their value goes pale for the vehicle, they are still precious to you, because there are numerous ways you can use these license plates.

If you are free this weekend, don’t plan visits if not necessary, go crafty with projects for vintage license plates!

Below are given a few of hands down the best ways to use this old item in the most useful ways.

Making a box out of this old metal is a wonderfully applicable idea. The best thing about this project is that you can complete it in minimum time, very easily and without throwing lots of income on DIY projects.

Just take two vintage license plates and bend them separately. After that, test if it is fitting. If there comes any fitting issue, bend again keeping in mind where the problem is! Next, clamp and make holes through drill. Finally rivet and your useful little box is ready. Though the vintage look gives antique expression, you can make it more beautiful by wrapping gift paper around.

Key Holder
Another one of the most advantageous projects for vintage license plates is transforming it into key holder. For this purpose, all you need is to drill holes in the plate in a way that it is fastened to the wall when mounted and the below part has a row of many holes for fastening and making key holders.

Drill the holes and mount it on the wall. When dealing with the below row, insert nails to fasten it in only two holes. Pick up the very first and last hole for fastening. The holes in between will serve as key holders. Put nails in those holes and strike hammer enough to make nails fix in the wall and also serve as key holders.

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