A Gallery Of Wonderful Ways To Reuse Old Door Knobs Most Functionally And Superbly

A Gallery Of Wonderful Ways To Reuse Old Door Knobs Most Functionally And Superbly

Door knobs, whereas made of crystal, glass, brass or steel, serve the entering purpose very beautifully and sophistically. But, when they are worn out, don’t throw them; you can use them in many purposeful ways even then. From making beautiful wine bottle handles to jewelry holders, you can use them in lots of creative ways. Below are given a few most gorgeous ways to reuse old door knobs.

Towel Holder
Make old door knobs a part of your DIY bathroom decoration by making them towel holders. If your old items are made of crystal, glass or shining metal, they would serve the purpose most gorgeously. Just take only three ones (the larger number can spoil the overall beauty). Only 2 or 3 of them will go just naturally with the entire decoration and setting of your bathroom.

Mount them on one of your bathroom walls and use as towel holders.

Little Vases
Little vases are going much trendy nowadays. They look classy and innovative lying in groups on the side table or in the middle of your dining table. How surprising it is to know that you can create a group of beautiful, tiny vases out of your old door knobs. Flowers of various different colors springing from the holes of the knobs will give an inspiring atmosphere to your surroundings. Immensely novel idea!

Handbag and Jewelry Holders
Another mind blowing way to reuse old door knobs is transforming them into handbag and jewelry holders. It is thoroughly simple; just fix them on a wall or on a wall mounted board and begin to use as holders for your handbags and necklaces. Smart idea!

Ceiling Fan Pull
Another lush idea to repurpose old doorknobs is making a ceiling fan pull. For this purpose, you must use metal knobs not the glass ones.