The Most Functional And Super Simple Diy Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Will Crawl Into At Once

Bathroom vanity, to many people, seems quite boring task to handle at home. But, in fact, it is amazing, even crazy to go with DIY bathroom vanity ideas. There are numerous possibilities that will stun your mind and inspire you try them. While dealing with any of the projects given here, you will not feel boring any moment, instead you will enjoy to pick up from a glorious range of possibilities and going with one that magnetize you most.

Let us see how you can manage your own bathroom vanity while cutting on budget and enjoying the leisure winter evenings:

Butcher Block Bathroom Vanity
One of the most inspiring ideas to make this important bathroom furniture is using old butcher block. This butcher block will give the broad surface to carry deep sink in the middle and support its functions. For storage purpose, you can purchase storage baskets to put under the block. For basin, you can use deep frying pans of big size or, if budget permits, you can buy readymade basins to put in the space you hew inside the butcher block.

Wood Vanity
First of all, determine the size of board for the major part of the project – basin holding! After that, collect the wood quantity enough to complete the length and width you determined. Purchase the wood if the storage wood is not sufficient, if sufficient just roll up your sleeves. Cut and hew to shape a big block to fit the basin inside. Join four legs to support its standing. For storage purpose, make a wood board fitted as the bottom of the whole wood stand. Fix one or two (depending on space) wide wood planks in the middle of the bottom and the head! Here you will feel, how much creative potentials you can try yourself now with this DIY bathroom vanity project!

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